Any dale Jr. or Kasey Kahne fans?


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Dale Jr is my top dog when it comes to the drivers in Nascar!! I know that people love to bash him because of his last name and he may not win championships the way that Richard Petty, Dale Sr nor Jeff Gordon did but Jr is still the man in my eyes and heart!!

Dale Jr is a champion to me!! He's overcome more than most people do in their lifetime!! How many people can say that they went back to the race track where their father lost his life and won a race?? NOBODY but Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr can!!

Kasey is starting to grow on me. My e-friends and I call him Sweetness because he is just a lil sweetie!! In my opinion Kasey is beginning to show his talent this season, I mean he has the most wins in the Cup series this year so far!!


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I don't really care for Kasey, but Dale Jr is one of my favorite drivers. Him and Tony Stewart.

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Not really either buy Kasey Khane has done really well in the 2006 season, I wish him well.

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Junior Rules!!

Kahne has funny commercials, so he's growing on me.

Anyone is OK, as long as they don't drive for Hendrick!

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I love Jr :)~

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I love them both. Kasey is my favorite between the two though. I'm glad he made it into the chase.

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Jr's my top dog, but Kahne's my second and if Jr don't take the cup then I hope Kahne does.

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Dale Jr!

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Jr first
Kahne is getting beeter every week

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i am a hige dale jr fan,i don't like Kasey Kahne

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Jr is the best....well after his dad of course. Kasey is a man to be watching though...he did really well in his rookie year and is having a great year this year.

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dale jr. is my favorite. i think he has what it takes to win the championship this year. just as long as the team keeps that car in shape. no wrecks or mechanical problems would be great. but they are gonna have a fun time getting above those guys in points.

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Kasey Kahne yes Jr. NO

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Hudge Kahne fan. Dale Jr ok.

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i like both but i root for JR.

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Kasey Kahne is who I root 4 but Dale Jr is ok with me too.

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