1986 xr 250 r?

Question:I'm a proud owner of an (average maintained) '86 XR 250 R. I recently sold a YZ 465 that was sick with torque. I couldn't keep the front end on the ground from a holeshot in 1-2 & 3!!! Anyway, it was TOO powerful for me to have fun with so I got this bike. Is it me, or is there that much of a difference in power? This seems like a real dog. The previous owner put a Supertrapp on it and said it added to the power,,,so it must have been a moped in a previous life... Any suggestions?

I've always had Yamahas prior to this Honda. I thought I'd branch out! :-)

Thanks in advance!


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sure its a dog compared to an overpowered vintage mx bike your xr is a trail bike with more controllable power also it only has about half the cc"s trade the xr for a newer crf250x then i think you would be happy with a honda

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