Alright, Who thinks that NASCAR is a waste of Gas?

Me, Personally, i think that nascar is a waste or oil we could be using, or not be using to be less pollution.. I mean its a start. But i want to hear your opinions too!


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I mean they are some talented drivers but give me a break, 400 laps of cars just goin around? I see that all the time on the streets. And what I find even more puzzling is the fact that people actually pay to go see this.

You can pay me and I can get some guys going around the block.

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Why is Michael Waltrip so popular even though he seldom wins?

agreed...i have no desire to watch a bunch of drunk hicks watching other hicks turn left

What is the name of the song that is played in the background of the new Nascar commercial?

And a waste of time, but hey, it give's redneck's something to do!!

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NASCAR is a waste. Not that I'm a huge racing fan, but Indy is so much better. Plus, as it seems you would like, they use ethanol fuel instead of gas.

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well i think that its pretty boring unless they crash so i would have to agree with you on the gas thing but its a popular sport in the south

Why is it that Ray Evernham's drivers suck?

The thousands of miles running NASCAR that waste gas are NOTHING compared to the tens of millions of miles of wasted gas because the general public doesn't want to drive more economical cars. Or live closer to work. Or try carpooling. Or try mass transit. Or try to stop driving down the block on an errand.

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your so right!! i cant see how anyone would want to watch someone going around in circles over and over and over..and for the drivers do they actually grow up saying "i wanna spin in circles when i'm older"

How do you tell the year of a ls1 pcm? without knowing the vin #?

Most of the current safety features on ANY modern automobile come from racing testing and research... I personally think running a horse till it can't run any longer and then killing it because you cut it's balls off to keep it focused is a much greater waste...

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ya because they are just waitsting all the worlds supply's

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Nascar has got to be the most boring and pointless thing I've ever seen in my life.How anyone can watch cars go around in a circle all day and enjoy it is beyond me.In my city you can get ticketed for allowing your car to idle too long,but these guys are allowed to waste gas and pollute our environment on a weekly basis.I'd rather watch paint dry.Real men drag race !!!!

Nascar. question?

no i don't think its a waste of gas. Nascar fan or not. personally, i think it was a waste of your time and my time to blabber about a sport you don't like. oh and for the record, nascar is more than just 'hicks' these days. they come from different states besides the 'south'. so do your research and keep your comments to yourself unless you know the REAL facts. and yeah i would pay money for going to a race, i would give anything to go to a race. its not like a baseball game where you walk in, watch, walk out. the whole nascar weekend is like a party, beginning thursday and ending sunday. tell me how that would be boring. especially around the start of the season. and unlike other sport seasons, nascar is all year long.

I'm sure you probably haven't even watched the sport, because it isn't just 'racing in circles', i'm sure you would come to find, its more than that. Not that any of you would know, this question coming from somebody that thinks nascar is a waste of gas. what a joke.

the drivers don't just get in the car and drive around. These teams and drivers have to prepare their car, make changes that are needed, and risk their lives everyday at 180+ mph.. oh yeah sounds pretty boring to me. Right.

Is ricky the best motocross racer ever?

No, I don't think NASCAR is a waste of gas. Even If I wasn't a fan of NASCAR.

I am sorry, but I must get this out. For the people bashing NASCAR, you're just being rude. 97% of people, who haven't watched the sport over a period of time, have no clue what they're talking about when they say it's a waste of time, and they're just going in circles.

To be plain and simple, they arn't circles. Had to get that out of the way.

NASCAR drivers are athletes, not 'hicks' as some of you guys like to call them. It's not just a southern sport either. Last time I check, I am from Indiana. And not all the drivers are from the south either. They drive out in the Poconos, Indiana, California, New York, so check yourselves before you say it's a southern sport.

There is more to NASCAR then just driving. You have to set up your chassis, learn to make the car turn correctly in all corners, get down force, learn how to draft, how to take care of your equipment, come up with race day plans, and beat 42 other drivers to win.

People have died doing what the love in this sport, and it is just plain RUDE for people to bash this sport. I don't like baseball, but I don't whine about the sport. I have RESPECT for it, even though I don't like it. I think some of y'all should take that as a lesson.

So when I do go to another race (26 days away to be specific) I am going to enjoy it, and know what other people who like to judge are missing out on. It's a family sport, and I have a great big ole NASCAR family.

I know I just wasted my time. But the point of this was just to let y'all know, that just because you don't like the sport, doesn't give you the time of day to rip on others who do. I could have been rude, but I chose not to. And that was strictly for the people who wern't bashing it and don't have a problem with it. Not like there are people like that here reading this anyways.

Oh yes, I would *waste* my hard earned money to go to a race. Thank you very much. It's not a waste. Check yourselves.

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NO! B/C I LOVE NASCAR!!! Well, if u think NASCAR wastes gas, what about all of the other motor sports?? They use just as much! NASCAR rules!!! I say, use all the gas u want guys!!

GO # 8!!

Whats the point of an Oval track?

I think either sometime this season or next season, some time soon, they are switching to unleaded fuel. There has also been talks of using ethonal so that will solve the problem. I dread the day that they use hydrogen for fuel in nascar.

I also think the world could go with out haters.

Was Michael Schumacer forced into early retirement because Ferrari wanted Kimi?

come on...everything is a waste some how, like making a baseball bat, the tree it came from produced oxygen, and could have been the home of an animal on the brink of extinction..theres good and bad in everything not only nascar

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NASCAR is the most strategic and exciting sport on the planet. if NASCAR is just a bunch of cars going in circles, then football is just a bunch of guys running into each other and knocking each other down. free your narrow minds people. learn something about the sport before you put it down, otherwise you just make yourself sound ignorant. you know who you are.

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Nascar is the greatest sport in the world. There are better ways to conserve fuel than cancel Nascar. How about go buy a hybrid of you're so concerned for the enviroment? Or plant a tree or something.

Down with HATERS!!!

What is a good vehicle for this?

i think u are a waste of human flesh.

Have a 1982 lazer and we need a wiper switch for can someone help us?

All sports use gas, Nascar at least doesn't use the gas we use.

Basketball, Football, etc.these sports use buses and fly to many'd you think they got there?

Please get your facts straight before talking about something you clearly are just judgemental of!

Where can I score some decent tickets for the Nascar Bristol race?


Why did Indy 500 racers have a passenger (mechanic)in the early years of the race (i.e.1930s)?

Get down out of the tree you green-party hippy idiots. If 43 cars can eliminate the gas crisis, I'd like to see how!

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