3:73 gears?

what do the numbers refer to? i know it has something to do with the trany but could you be more specific? ? : ??


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i think you my have truck talking about rear differential?
Which case it shout determine your speed to torque ratio in my opinion.

Kurt Busch,Roger Penske?

3.73 gears is refered to is the rear gear raito on the ring,and pinion. It is how many revolitions the the ring gear turns. 3,and 3/4 turns to 1 compleate rev.to the tire.

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The drive shaft (connected to the pinion gear) will spin 3.73 times as fast as the tire (connected to the ring gear), in rwd cars.

In fwd cars, The transmission and differential are one unit, but the same principle applies. It has a ring and pinion gear set.

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