A f-1 sim with commentary from the guys from speed?

Question:I would love to have a game in which your running around listening to matchett,hobbs,and varsha doing the play by play.
like when you blow your engine Matchett would say "KABLAMO"in his accent.and hobbs would say some funny things here and there.

it would be pretty cool


Which takes more skill F1, Nascar, Rally Cars,?

And your question is:

Mud Bog in Philadelphia, PA?

I'd frankly have a Formula 1 simulator with comentary from... Murray Walker.

That would be much more fun.

Looking for articles about car racer lew mcmurtry in the 30's and 40's?

Here's some purdy kewl zownds ~


To make a long race short, get the F300 Ferrari Formula 1. Get this theme!


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