Any thoughts on the problem of customer chassis?

Question:The rule that allows teams to purchase chassis from another manufacturer will only come into effect in the 2008 season, but apparently there are some "rule-breakers" pointed out especially by two teams: Williams and Spyker. The problem concerns the cars of Toro Rosso and Super Aguri.
First of all, Super Aguri's interim car, used in winter testing, looked suspiciously similar to the Honda RA106 used in the last season's races. Plus its performance in the hands of former Honda Friday-man Anthony Davidson were suspiciously close to those of the RA106.
Then there's Toro Rosso, who ran the whole 2006 season using a slightly altered version of the Red Bull RB1, and is expected to run this year a modified version of the RB3, adapted to the Ferrari engines. The RB3 has been making its way up through the timesheets lately.
These may be signals of alarm for their fellow tail-enders, who would want to see a fair competition in that area. What's your opinion?


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If they are doing what they are suspected of doing, then I do think it's wrong since the rules state so. However, I think that customer cars are a great thing for the future. Since costs have risen to ridiculous amount in the past years, we have lost some of our best privately owned teams such as Jordan and Minardi. If these teams were given a chance to get a Ferrari or Renault straight out of the gate at a reasonable price, they could at least keep up with the field in a reasonable way. Obviously they won't get the best of what the factory teams offer, but it gives them a chance to keep up with the times and keep the field diverse as far as teams go. Personally I would hate to see, say, 3 Ferrari teams out there in the sense that Ferrari has given them everything they need to go and expects them to help their factory team, but I have no problem with it if they help to supply them with a chassis and engine for a cost and then let them do their own thing. I don't like the fact that it seems like Honda and Red Bull have 2 teams under one roof, even though they say they don't, but the idea of helping private teams is good as a whole. We'll see how it all works out, but if we get to see a bigger more competitive field in the years to come, I'm sure the racing will be good in the end.

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It's racing, the whole idea is to have the fastest possible car and the best driver. What exactly is fair competition anyway? I'm not asking for cars with machine guns and rocket launchers, but you do what it takes to win, right?

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Back in the good old days Formula One had teams that were privateers. Jackie Stewart won his first championship in a Matra-Ford that was owned by Ken Tyrell before he started building his own chassis. The only other private entrant to win Grands Prix was Rob Walker who had wins with Jo Siffert and Stirling Moss driving his cars.

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I have no problem with this.
As somebody said, it would be good to see a couple of teams with Ferrari chassis and engines, or why not a Renault chassis with, let's say a BMW engine?
I think this should be a way to let talented drivers and team owners show their skills, not necessarily backed up only with gazillions of dollars.

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