Am I the only one who is sick of NASCAR haters/bashers?

As a NASCAR fan, bashers sometimes really get me p*ssed off. Some of the comments are really silly, it's the nasty comments and attacks on NASCAR fans that make me angry sometimes. I usually ignore it but it's hard to ignore personal attacks because I choose to like Nextel Cup..Am I the only FAN that's getting a little tired of the really nasty comments?


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k..let me get on my box for a second.
yes, i'm getting very annoyed with a lot of things, including fellow nascar fans.
the haters/basher will always be there. oh well, their loss. they are missing out on a great thing. i am amused that they find it in their time to deal with something they claim to hate so much.. personally, i have better things to do with my time than focus on something i do not enjoy. to me, it's easier to let it slide off my back then to get annoyed with it. they have no impact on my life and i can watch my tv or sit at a track w/o their approval so i can happily go aklong my merrily nascar way. however, you have to look at what some fans are putting out there to the public. i say some, b/c i know there are still some TRUE fans out there.

first, let's get something straight: nascar is about racing. it's not about sex. so can we please of the love of all things holy in racing stop throwing underwear at driver's like jr or kasey kahne. yeah, we got it..some people think they are easy on the eyes. pretty does not pay the bills unless you are dancing on tables. driver are drivers. they are there for the talent and the sport. let's stop demeaning them like a freakin' piece of grade a meat. now, as i said, yes, there are some that are easy on the eyes. i lvoe tony, i think he's gorgeous, but if he could drive a car i wouldn't hae one piece of #20 gear.. if fans put it out there like it's all about something so shallow people will take that and use it.

second things are getting just ugly inside the sport. personally, i'm getting really extremely tired of everyne being ridiculous about the rivalries. i mean, yes, there are rivaliries and you can bag on other driver's a bit..but in the past years it has gotten to the extreme. it's gone from my driver can outdriver you driver.. to your driver is a lying cheating, homesexual, whinng scumbag..and it's just not nescessary.
people just can't admit when they are outraced, and it's irritating. i mean when someone besides their driver wins it becomes a matter of cheating an blah blah blah.. how about you just admit that you got outraced on that one. every driver would rather win against the best and have it be considered as a good win b/c they truly outraced.. and every driver would rather lose to a good driver than one who just got lucky.
it's getting really disgusting that people are like wishing harm, actual bodily harm on other driver's..Now that's just plain sick and wrong.
seriously, my two favorite driver's are probably on the top of the hate i've gotten used to it over the years..but i still think it's gone way overboard and really makes me want to be escorted out of the tracks in handcuffs. i mean some people just need their stupidy stuffed right down their throats sideways..

now we take all that and put it out there for the non nascar people to view and what do you think thy are going to take from it?? it's all about representing things better.
k i will jump off my box now..thanks.

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no NASCAR is awesome i watch every race they should put a nascar colum in

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No.Your not the only one!

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Are you just a flat out liar?
What do expect to get with a question like that?
Duh, it's like looking for peace by posting a question in "Religion&Spirituality"
Go ahead and try an experiment.

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people who dont like nascar are turds

***ANYBODY here like Dirt Track Racing (Modifieds, etc.)? ***?

I don't like it because I don't really think it is a sport and that anyone that watches is a half-baked..maybe fully baked redneck.
Yet I would never bash

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No. They annoy me too! I love NASCAR!
GO #8!!!!!!!...

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Just remember that NASCAR is now the number three of the so called big three in sports. 1. Football 2. Baseball 3. NASCAR it beats basketball and hockey rather easily in the t.v. ratings. Some people find it hard to accept that this is occurring. NASCAR is still up and coming and will only get bigger in the years to come. Just tell people who have negative things to say to look at the ratings, because people are watching in many millions.

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Most people aren't sophisticated to understand NASCAR. They bash us because they are jealous. Woops I guess I am bashing them! ANyway, who cares what other people think? NASCAR rocks and I agree it should have its own catagory here!

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yeah, im sick of it all also. Im a huge nascar fan! I only watch Dale Jr. though cus hes my fav. all of these bashers need to get over themselves. theyre just jealous because of our love for the sport. just ignore them and keep loving nascar!

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im wit ya but then i figure hey they r jealous cuz they cant be wit us lol but ill admit id bash other sports b/c nascar really so the best n football of course to but ive learned to put up wit bashin i mean im a jimmie johnson fan lol imagine
have a great day

Why do people dis Nascar if they don't even watch it?

Racing is and amazing sport. If people bash something it is usually because they don't know a darn thing about it . Ignorance is Bliss. The wrest of us will just Enjoy!

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I hear ya sista! People who bash on NASCAR are usually just ignorant of the sport. I would like to see some of those people get into a car and drive at 200 mph inches from the car beside them without crashing and killing somebody. And those people who say NASCAR drivers aren't athletes need to climb into their cars in the heat of summer in their winter gear and a helmet, drive around in a circle for three and half hours all the while having the heat on full blast with the windows rolled up. Then tell me they aren't athletes.

Why do they race counter-clockwise in Nascar,horse racing, track & field etc instead of clockwise?

I say let them talk, but ignore it, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that's all it is a negative opinion.

They haven't learned if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

NASCAR rules!!

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no. I watch every race including Craftsman, Busch, and Nextel.

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Not really a big fan but I agree with the premise. If you hate the sport so much IGNORE IT don't sit and complain. If you sit and complain then you show you have some knowledge of it which means that you likely really care about it so STOP WHINING. I don't sit around saying how much I hate soccer or such. I just ignore it and if someone brings up I'd just say hey I don't want to discuss it I don't like it.

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I love NASCAR Racing! I go to the races often. I do not think it is nice for people to make fun of NASCAR fans. You do not hear people laughing at the jocks who like football, or the new yorkers who like the yankees. By the way I enjoy all three of those sports, it was a figure of speach!

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the one that really gets me is "is NASCAR a true sport" DUH anyone with half a brain knows it's a sport how could anything so hotly contested,spend so many millions of dollars to be the best,generate so many millions of dollars for owners & NASCAR, make so many participants millionares, and have millions & millions of fans around the globe and watching at home be anything other than a sport

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no i like nascar and i respect the other ones too i i wanted to i could put down irl our f-1 which i do think they are stupid but there are all mad because nascar is growing and has all the good drivers and is more excitiing to watch

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