8 drivers for dover?

Question:i'm in first place in a pool with 9 races left. it's 4 grand to me if i hold onto first. i need to pick 8 drivers for dover. i get points for any of the drivers that finish in the top 10. i've got it narrowed down to these 9 but i don't know which one to drop and it's killing me. who would you drop and why? or is there someone not on the list you would take?
junior, stewart, johnson, gordon, harvick, kahne, martin, kenseth, and kyle busch


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I think that Mark Martin at Dover will not have a top ten finish because he has been struggling lately and all the other drivers in your list are great drivers and yes he is a veteran along with Jeff Gordon but Jeff Gordon almost won their when they were their last and has a great record. Hope that helps and good luck.

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i'd drop harvick or busch seriously dude those two would be my first choices to go

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I would drop Jr. He's not that consistent.
Good luck with your pool!!

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I would drop Kenseth, he has had a lot of problems there in the past.

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Wow, I see why you're asking for help.... That's one heck of a list. I would drop Harvick. Reason? just a gut feeling.

Good Luck !

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