1976 winston cup champion?


Are any motorbike races going to be shown on terrestrial TV this year?

Cale Yarborough won the 1976 Winston Cup Championship driving the #11 Junior Johnson owned Chevrolet. This was the first of three consecutive championships that Yarborough won. Over the course of three years he entered 90 races and won 28 times. In those same 90 races he scored an amazing 74 top ten finishes.

In the ten year period between 1976 and 1985, Junior Johnson won the Winston Cup a total of six times as an owner. Darrell Waltrip drove the #11to the championship in 1981, 1982 and 1985.

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cale yarborough in the # 11 car

I date a woman who likes NASCAR and talks about how hot the guys are? Am I wrong to be offended?

ok,whatever it means...

Has anyone noticed sato is pretty good at blowing up his engine?

Cale Yarborough

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