Any Tom Pryce fans out there?


Will Schumi make a comeback?

I remember him, he was a very nice guy, not the "prima donna" type we have to suffer now.
He was also said to be the fastest driver switching gears in those "H" type gearboxes.
His accident shocked F1 lovers.

Jumping dunes?

I am not old enough to remember him racing (sorry) but I do know what happened to him, and actually have video footage of the awful accident.

Does anyone know how the toyotas are running this year?

I remember hearing how he 'stole the show' at the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1976. I only live 10 miles from the race, but making only $1.65/hour at the time, I couldn't afford the the ticket, sorry I missed it. I showed up at Ontario Motor Speedway on the morning of March 5,1977 to watch the USAC twin 200's and the annoucer was talking about the tragic incident at the South African G.P. and the passing of Tom Pryce. That was quite shocking to hear the news for sure.

Would you help me to find a price for an Earnhardt car?


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