A NASCAR question,,when they talk about the fastest man in nascar?

do you know who this person is, a hint for you,,,was done in 1987


What NASCAR driver do u ALWAYS want 2 win & who do u ALWAYS want 2 finish last??

Bill Elliot, 212+ MPH, Qualifying at Talladega in 1987....Then NASCAR got scared & implemented the restrictor plate for some boring racing with some HUGE pile-ups.......

Where are Yamaha sport stores in Arizona?

Bill Elliott

Fox riding Co. wants me to be a Jr. rider for there team, should i start young?

richard petty he was the king in his day

My 300ex honda atv starts fine but won't move any answers?

Bill Elliott at Talladega in Qualifying

Who will win the motogp championship this year?

Bill Elliott was the fastest qualifier before restrictor plates slowed everybody down. He qualified at Talledega at better than 212 MPH.

What is going to happen to carl edwards this week?

bill elliot? i think it was something like 230mph.

Any info on grass track racing in norwich?

Bill Elliot

What is the best sports car ever made under $25,000?

Awsome Bill from Dawsonville! How bout dat rookie winnin Kentucky! Git er' done!

Dose any one else think kevin harvick well when the nextel cup?

Bill Elliott. That was done before they introduced restrictor plates for Daytona and Talladega.

What is the purpose of double clutching?

i recall bill elliot if memory serves

Do u think ne one can match Micheal Schumachear's leagacy?

Bill Elliott of course
Awesome Bill from Dawsonville!!!!!!!...

Do you think chad johnson should be aloud to celebrate after touch down?

Awsome Dawson Bill Elliot set nascar speed record at Talladega 212.7 mph

Kimi is first!!!! what do you think how will he drive tomorow?

Awesome Bill from Dawsonville.Bill Elliott turned a lap I think of 217mph at Talladega Super Speedway this was before Bobby Allison took out a couple hundred feet of retaining fence & some fans after becoming airborn at Talladega causing NASCAR to mandate restrictor plates at Talladega & Daytona forever changing raceing at the two fastest tracks on the circuit whether it was a change for the better of for the worse is up to you

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