1969,1970 chevelle SS.The SS means what, supersport or ?


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Super Sport

The NASCAR driver that u ABSOLUTELY can't stand is............?

Yep SS = Super Sport

Little Question?

Yes, it means Super Sport- these cars were available with high performance options- my favorite was the '69 SS with the 396 big block- very fast, a serious gas hog- but, very, very, cool for such a big car.

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yeah , SS was Super Sport i had owned a '69' Chevy Super Sort, They came with diffnt eng thought you had a Reg 396 and 454 and also had a high performance version of each. Didnt know mine was HP until we replaced the camshaft match it up at the auto store, also came with or with out a vinyl roof and with an auto or a 4 speed ... LTR

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Super sweet, that car is **** sick

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