.Will Richard Childers be allowed to come home from his African sufari?

With his RCR teams success, will they ever let the Boss Man come home from his "vacation"? Way to go "Happy" Harvick!


Why is Fayetteville TN afraid of making money?

who the f-uck cares...

How can I contact someone with NASCAR? I have an idea to make the races safer and more exciting. Anybody know?

they may not lol that would b funny but they kinda need him 4 his money lol anyway im sure someday he can come back
have a great day

So who thinks Denny Hamlin will be in the Chase?

I bet Happy tries to talk him into extending it a month or two or three...

How to install a 1987 bmw 528e water pump?

Harvick: "We are undefeated since he left. He at least needs to stay gone until we lose"

Will Gordon tie Earnhardt's all time wins total this season?

He's back!

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