Any truth to this rumour? Biffle going to RYR.?


Side exhaust plate - what is it called?

From what I understand, Greg might be going to RYR so Roush Racing can reach the car limit. Starting in 2007 racing teams are only allowed to have 4 drivers and Roush Racing has 5 as of right now. So Greg going over to RYR will let Roush be in the car limit. I think might happen is RYR and Roush will have a little partnership and Greg will go over to RYR.

How do you drill out rivets?

Could be. I read it on Jayski so it must be true!

Seriously, RYR is (sadly) running out of options for an experienced driver(s). Jack Roush has publicly stated that changes are coming. Kinda makes sense.

Its was nice to see Michael Schumacher again.?

doubt it. i haven't heard anything about it. if it was on jayski, i'm sure it's bullsh*t. that guy just pulls stuff out of his *ss.

Do u know Valentino Rossi?Do u think he's the best Moto GP player?

If it does happen, Roush's organization takes another blow. That says a bunch about the same group that put 5 cars in the top 10 a year ago. I can see it happening.

Btcc OR wtcc?

Um...I haven't heard anything about that.

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