Any guess who will win the first race in formula1 2007 ?


DEGA! I got Junior! Pick your driver! When the flag drops its too late!?

"Gregnir" has it right, the opening race is usually a crapshoot. And how the season will go never really known until the first fly-away races are complete. In 2005, it wasn't Alonso who led the way until the third race.

Predictions for 2007?

McLaren will walk away with it. The only questions will be how many rookie wins for Hamilton and can Alonso break the record of 11 wins in a season. (Scumbagger's "record" does not exist; he was nothing without the car.)

Ferrari will crash out and be forced to use their 2006 chassis for a while before realizing it's not the car, it's the drivers causing the crashes.

At Renault, Kovaleinen will make some early moves (like Rosberg) and have sustained mid-season results that impress (unlike Rosberg). Fisi will slip further and further into the field and be replaced before season's end.

BMW-Sauber? They'll be improved, but only Monaco or Hungoverring offer a chance to win.

Honda will be pissed to have been passed in points by Sauber. They might knuckle down and win another race.

Toyota? Underachieving drivers will cripple them. If Montoya returns to F1 in 2007, it will be here. They'll call him "Montoyota" again; he had a good relationship with the factory back in his CART days.

Williams? Fuggeddaboudit.

Toro Rosso and Super Aguri? They'll score some points, and with improved engines and good drivers *maybe* one team will get a podium finish. Remember, Spa is back on the schedule.

Spyker is the new Minardi.


Why do winners "waste" champagne after winning a sports event?

No, I have no idea. Let's wait until all the new cars are launched and there is some serious test mileage on them. At this stage, it's impossible to do anything but make a wild and speculative guess with no sound reasoning behind it.

Which current or former Champ Car drivers do you want to see race in the INDY 500 ?

kimi raikannon

I am predicting a major drop in the Ferrari perfromance by Mid Season ?

no idea man

People NASCAR question?

I have not went there so don't know

Lewis Hamilton?

kimi is gonna dominate this year. i dont personally like him, but i believe he will have the best equipment.

Blackout at Renault pitwall?

4 sure filepe massa

How does the Nextel Cup Chase work?

It has got to be a Ferrari! They have the best equipment, cars and everything. Either Raikonnen or Massa, but most likely Raikonnen because he has more experience as a F1 driver.

Do all aspiring Formula One or NASCAR, drivers have to start their careers in go kart racing?

Kimi Raikannon

How to get into formula1 car race?

Althought i really like Ralf Schumacher i know that Toyota has no good chances to win so...i would have to agree with the up answers ;
Ferrari team: Felipe Massa and Kimi...


Is it possible to obtain a recording of Graham Walker commentating on the Isle of Man TT during the 1950's?

ferrari... either felipe or kimi... i hope...

Any one interested in f1?


Opinion Pole: Who is the best African American racer in motorsports?

I Think Fissichella will when the first race,because he is good at that track

Who thinks Tony Stewart can win the nextel cup this year?

Massa or Raikonen

Can Shumi win the championship this yr?

Hopefully Raikkonen!

Is there any biking club in delhi?

raikkonan.north or south raikku & ferrari r the best.

What is the world's fastest rear wheel drive drag car?

First race? Probably Alonso. And here's why:
-Raikkonen won't be able to fit into the team before the first race: he will only drive the new car in the Bahrain tests.
-The new Ferrari has some serious problems, like the long wheelbase, the cooling "gills" which add drag, the unreliability of the V8 (shown several times during the 2006 season) and so on.
-Fisichella will have a few problems with the new Renault, and Kovalainen and Hamilton will both be on their first race, trying to adjust to the race atmosphere.
-Honda and BMW won't be able to make "quantum leaps" over the winter. They'll stay around where they are, but maybe some circumstances could propel them forward.
-Toyota has a car which is almost as dismal as last year's TF106.

What are the laws on headers, intake, exhaust and cat converter in CA?

Kimi Raikonnan

Has any one driven a right hand drive car and a left hand drive car - whats the difference..?

Phelipe Massa, probably.

tho Kimi has good chances too

Did AMC make their own transmissions?

kimi raikannon

I was wondering if anyone knows the best place to get driver autographs at Pocono Raceway on July 23??


Jenson Button-Overpaid or what??

if michael is still there i think he is.

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