All Earnhardt Fans, Were you Sr fans 1st?

If your a jr fan now, were you a Sr fan 1st and just carried over your loyalty to jr when sr passed away? If you jr wasn't racing and sr has passed away, who would you root for? 2 questions I know, but I need to know.Thanks.


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I was a die hard Sr. fan but I dis like Jr. he is arogent and cocky

Who's your fav nascar driver, jeff gordon of dale jr ?

yes i was

Do you agree with NASCAR decision to let Toyota in to the Nextel Cup?

I was a sr fan, and yes i just carried over. I would root for Gordon, i still do, but i just like jr hes kinda good looking lol

Who loves Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

I was a Sr. fan. I have loyalty for his son, yes. I would root for Sr. I don't really watch it all that much now that Sr. is gone. Just not the same.

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i don't get what you ? means but i love JR and SR and the other part would be tony stewert or jimmy johnson

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I wasn't. I didn't watch nascar then, i starting watching it in 2002.


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I didnt watch Nascar until my uncle got a job at DEI. Now I am a JR fan. My dad was a SR fan then it carried over to JR, after SR passed.

So who likes nascar and who is ur fav driver?

I was a Sr. fan first, and carried over to Jr. But I also root for Harvick. If he was alive I would root for both Jr and Sr.

Whos guna win todays nascar race or who do you want to win?


Why do people who hate Nascar answer Nascar oriented questions?

Yes. I was a huge fan of Earnhardt and I carried my loyalty over to Dale Jr.

If Junior wasn't racing, I'd root for Dale Jarrett.

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I have always been and always be a sr fan,More than that i am a Earnhardt's family fan starting with ralph his dad i watched Jr in his ac delco busch series car.

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Ya, I was a Sr. fan first, but that has nothing to do with why I like Jr.

If Jr wasn't racing I'd root for Tony Stewart. I already do root for him though, so the only that'd change is i wouldnt be a jr fan.



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Huge SR. fan, and yes I carried over to Jr. But if Jr. wasn't racin, I just can't say, I've sat here for 10 minutes now and no one comes to mind.

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yes, i was a sr. fan first, but i became a jr. fan while sr. was still alive. i started following jr. in the busch series in the old acdelco #3

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Sr. was the best ever. When Sr. died, i cried my eyes out. I could not beleive it. The way jr. raced that next race was unbeleivable. it was like Sr. was there with him. Sr. was the best ever and always will be.

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Was a Dale Earnhardt Sr fan and even if I were not when he passed I still would be a Dale Jr. Fan!

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